Pass If Aggressive

by Full On Mone't

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released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Full On Mone't Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

i sing sad songs on my uke. that's it.

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Track Name: Really Well
i'm scared of my own thoughts/ and i can't trust my own sight/i'm far from dead/but i haven't seen the light in quite some time/i read between the lines/my fingers trace your spine/i swear i'm doing fine/well maybe i am lying but

i'm doing really well/oh yeah can't you tell?

my fingertips are bruised/and it's not from loving you/my thoughts are way too loud/i scream into the void to kill the sound/i'm feeling really lost/they sell maps but at what cost?/they say sleep's for the weak/but what if the escape is what i seek?

and i'm doing really well/oh yeah can't you tell?/i'm doing really well
Track Name: Just To Say Sorry
i keep waking up just to say i'm sorry/for the person that i feel i'm becoming/they say 3 years is a long time/but your hands aren't as cold as mine/when you walked away and i said that i was fine

i keep waking up just to prove you wrong/conversations with you are the storm before the calm/2 whole months is a long time/but your heart will never be as warm as mine/and so i sigh when you say that you are fine

i keep waking up just to see the sun/laughing when you say you know me better than anyone/1 week feels like a long time/but your thoughts aren't as dark as mine/ and so i lie when i say that i am fine

Oh i am fine/I keep waking up to prove that i'm not lying
Track Name: The Opposite of Okay
bold letters can't portray my rage and fear/you can't hold me back you can not keep me here/with my foot to the floor i make my great escape/whispers in my ear say that "you'll never be safe"

there's nothing wrong with you/get up you've got things to do

i need some help but i'm not sure who to ask/simply breathing these days is such a task/i stopped counting but maybe i should start again/it feels pointless, i always lose count after ten

get up you've go things to learn/get up you've got money to earn/get up you've got songs to choose/get up you've got money to lose
Track Name: Everyone Pretends
everyone pretends to be happy/ like they have no choice/everyone pretends to listen/but they have no voice

well i'm alone and maybe i'm lonely/ and i'm tired of pretending i'm not/well i'm alone and maybe i'm faking/but i honestly probably forgot

give me something real/ give me your tears and your heavy sighs/give me something real/and stop pretending just to get by

everyone pretends to be happy/like there's no other way/everyone is lying to my face/ but i know you're not okay
Track Name: Belief
can't seem to make my body fit/i sit and pray this mess will all be worth it/i long to be saved/so long ago i caved

where'd you go?/it depends on who wants to know/i guess i'll never know/i guess i let you go